Lewis Cole Moore

Lewis Cole, you're here. You've been here---in existence---for a while. But you weren't breathing our air, touching our skin, seeing our world. You were a hidden secret, tucked away until the time was right. March 23, 2019, the time was right. You came squealing into the world after an induction and four and a half … Continue reading Lewis Cole Moore


That playhouse in the sunshine

We played pretend more than any other children I've known. We were cats, we were dogs, we were business owners and mailbox-checkers. We spent hours in the backyard and in the playroom and in couch-cushion forts. But I think more than anything we imagined, we pretended we were wives and mothers---playing "house." We filled up … Continue reading That playhouse in the sunshine


Some things in life may change, and some things, they stay the same---like time. -Damien Rice, "Older Chests" When you're in the thick of time, it feels so slow. Like molasses. Unyielding. You can't see your feet moving an inch, much less a mile. But then somehow you look back, and you've jumped a hundred … Continue reading Molasses

Year one

We walked down the aisle. We said, "I do." We hugged people we love. We danced til our feet hurt. We soaked up a lot of sun---at the beach, at the pool. I started a new job. Then it became not new. You waved goodbye to me each morning out both windows, first the one … Continue reading Year one

The Narrow

My life used to feel wide. It wasn't just the busyness that made it that way, it was the lengths to which my mind stretched. I constantly thought of the "alls"---all my friends, my family, the people I didn't know, the people I'd barely met. I poured all my energy into the relationships around me, clumsily … Continue reading The Narrow