The flowers are up ahead

Hayden wanted kids right away. I---logical, reasoning, cautious---said we should wait a year or two. "So we can settle into marriage." "So we can save up money." "So we can enjoy this time." The jokes started a couple of months in. "We could just go ahead and have a kid now!" "Why not?" "It'd be … Continue reading The flowers are up ahead


Year one

We walked down the aisle. We said, "I do." We hugged people we love. We danced til our feet hurt. We soaked up a lot of sun---at the beach, at the pool. I started a new job. Then it became not new. You waved goodbye to me each morning out both windows, first the one … Continue reading Year one

The Narrow

My life used to feel wide. It wasn't just the busyness that made it that way, it was the lengths to which my mind stretched. I constantly thought of the "alls"---all my friends, my family, the people I didn't know, the people I'd barely met. I poured all my energy into the relationships around me, clumsily … Continue reading The Narrow